Planet Fillmore in Action

Kwanzaa:  an acknowledgment of centuries of contributions made by the magnificence of  Black American citizens. Celebrating the people, culture and history of  Americas' most valuable contributors to the health, wealth, security, growth and  prosperity of the United States. Unity, self determination, collective work and  responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith form the 7 principles of Nguzu Saba. Habari Gani ?! What's the news?

Marcus Bookstore

63 years a fixture in San Francisco. Keeper of the African American culture. In 2014 it closed its doors in the Fillmore community. Still serving the people out of it's Oakland California location at 3900 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94609. (510) 652-2344. The flame remains strong.

Temptations on Fillmore

Dennis Edwards and members of his "Temptations Review" performed all the  wonderful songs we remember from the past 5 decades. We sang, danced  and reminisced of days gone past. Treating the moment as though it had  restorative powers while we threw ourselves into the spell of the sweet  harmonies and smooth choreography of the men performing the songs we  knew and loved. We will never forget Eddie, David, Paul, Melvin and Otis but tonight...Dennis' version, featuring Paul Jr., fits the bill. 

Les Nubians at Marcus Bookstore

Recently, during a trip to San Francisco to play the noted Yoshi's Jazz  Club on Fillmore Street, Celia, of Les Nubians paid a visit to Marcus Books just a few blocks up the street on Fillmore.  Sister Helene also found her way into the store just in time to keep Celia  from spending the night among the book stacks. See how Celia and Helene found their  way out of the store and onto their performance commitment at Yoshi's.

Creative Music Emporium

After 26 years of running a successful record store Joe and Elba have  gone fishin', Online.. For your special music needs is where you'll find them these days. Sippin' Island rum,  dancing to the greatest music collection, perhaps of all time. And Joe  just may start serenading Elba with his old saxophone. In honor of  JOE LAMBERT - Forever Rest in Peace.

Bunny Talks Playpen

Bunny Simon made a lasting impression in San Francisco. Owned 8 different nightclubs including popular Playpen on Divisadero St.  For nearly 25 years Bunny entertained the area with famed talent. Known far and wide as one of the most ingenious business men to have operated inside the Western Addition while also raising a large and proud family. View this video for a bit of insight into a few of his magic moments as he shares with JJ Parson- General Manager of deeply regarded KPOO radio.

A New Era

SF Water, Power and Sewer is focused on bringing state of the  industry technology to the Southeast Waste Water Treatment Plant. In  doing so, it has committed to making sure the community surrounding the  plant is not infringed upon by the City's massive amount of waste. The City's major  enterprise plans to commit 15 million dollars toward, enhancing and empowering education and community based  service groups to grow in an advanced, sustainable, environmentally  productive direction. 

Kevin Epps

Breakout story telling have placed Kevin Epps on the radar as a voice  with a powerful message to share. Named 'Fellow' to the internationally  respected deYoung Museum, Mr. Epps has leaped "straight outta Hunters  Point" youth park and landed forcefully into a film career that brings a  courageous view of how a generation of young contemporary Black youth  navigate their way through the mean streets of a severely burdened San  Francisco neighborhood.

Hetch Hetchy Magic

Water glides into San Francisco from high in the Sierra mountains of  Hetch Hetchy. Easily providing the most necessary component for living  in a civilized condition. Young people of San Francisco get a peek at  how this all works in a recent journey up the mountain.

Marcus Books - Bop City Moment

Musician Earle Davis talks about his coast to coast musical experiences in the early  days of the jazz vanguard with the Majic Spirit Band; and, among other compositions, plays his  "Funk for Monk". On Fillmore, he reminds us of how it once was in another era of Bop.


Most intrigued with gift to express my vision through the medium of  paint. Seems the subjects I paint are those I am destined to paint. I  enjoy using color, which is often the inspiration from which I create a  painting. My influences are drawn from the French impressionists. I consider my  work contemporary fine art, done in oil, watercolor, acrylic and some  colored pencil and charcoal. My subjects are people, places and things. Watch me now.

Jules Allen in NY

In the 60s, native San Franciscan, Jules Allen decided to bite the "big  apple". Armed with wit and wisdom, gathered in a photographic dark room,  Jules left San Francisco early on in life and never looked back, until  now. Visiting class mates at Marcus Bookstore recently, Jules sat down  and shared his book of photos taken at world  famous NY boxing gymnasium, Gleason's. Jules' new photographic diary "Double Up" gets the casual viewer up close and personal to where the action is.


Nichols, the artist, initially a jazz painter,  collected by noted actor Morgan Freeman, boxing champ Evander Holifield, "cool school"  virtuoso, Miles Davis, whose early guidance lead him to draw an artistic following throughout North America and  Western Europe. An especial pleasure had when noted jazz singer Mr. Tony Bennett, himself an accomplished  painter, acquired an original work from Nichols, the piece  entitled, "Is You A Viper?" which is a loving portrait of  Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

SF AA Chamber of Commerce

Hosted by the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, on a  cool night with the moon full and high over Fillmore Street, a gathering  of African Americans convened at Yoshis SF to acknowledge their  footprint on the landscape of The City. As Chamber president Fred Jordan, with Mayor Ed Lee and State Senator Mark  Leno at his side, made welcome remarks, the heat was on. A full room under a full moon. A very potent collaboration. President Jordan called for a pledge of commitment.

Kwanzaa in the Village

Adrian Williams leads the Village Project on a journey throughout the  City of San Francisco celebrating Kwanzaa each year. Like a pied piper  the followers continue to grow in numbers and supporters. From Bayview  Hunters Point YMCA to Minnie and Lovie Ward Community Center in  Oceanview to the African American Arts and Cultural Complex the beat of the drum chants Nguzu Saba should be 365 days a year. And it is a year long recognition of the "seven principles of African Heritage"

Jazz Heritage Center - 2008

WW II ended, The Fillmore became The Place. "The Set" where you could  get anything legal, illegal, local or foreign, wet and wild, dry and  dicey. The soldiers were back and times were good, everyone wanted to  have a good time while settling down in the port city of San Francisco.  Placed against the back drop of hills, valleys, beats and hipster, Jazz  and blues. Everyone found their way onto "The Set" of The Fillmore at  some point or other. It was the place to be seen or not seen.

Driver, Get Me To Fillmore

Once upon a time there was a place created just so the people could  begin to learn what it would be like to live in a harmonious world of  opportunity. A fun filled valley of music, dance and spiritual growth.  It was called The Fillmore.The Mo. For years it was driven  by goodwill, energy, creativity and the strong work ethic of the Black  people who lived there. They had come from another land, filled with  danger just to live, work and raise children. Not in the valley of Fillmore 40s/50s.

The Shack

This Planet Fillmore feature highlights one of two places in San  Francisco where Black families could recreate - Booker T. Family Center  and Hamilton Plaza where "the shack" stood until the city of SF erected a  gymnasium, swimming pool and family social center as Hamilton  Playground  in 1954.  But this feature is about the kids who grew up at  the "shack", two small one room buildings, side by side, left overs from  the 1906 earthquake relief housing

As An Era Ends

One man's version of a 75 year period of time.

Irrelevance of Being Relevant

Lance Burton becomes Planet Fillmore                         over 60 years.